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H264 vs H265 | Explained


Video standards are changing and understanding them can be important. For video calls, live streams or even recording videos, understanding H264 and H265 can help make sure your video quality is optimised for your setup! Check out the SABRENT Today's Deals & promotions 👇👇👇👇 🤍 Remember to check out our website for our products: 🤍 Follow Us On Social Media: –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📱Facebook: 🤍 📸Instagram: 🤍 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

H.264 Video Encoder Testing


I made this video because when I requested tech support from Banggood.com, their standard response is: "We don't understand, make a video" There is no manual that comes with this device. Also, there is no web site to get more info or request tech support or firmware updates. You're 100% on your own. Looks like this is your typical Chinese, no-name toy that they masquerade as a legitimate device with fake specifications. Let's see if Paypal refunds my payment...

H.265 (HEVC) vs H.264 (AVC) Compression: Explained!


What is H.265 (HEVC)? Why is it better quality than H.264 (AVC), especially for 4K? Do your devices support H.265? This video will explain all of the questions you might have about the newest video compression standard. Hey, I'm HandyAndy and thanks for watching my video. If you enjoyed it, then please SUBSCRIBE to my channel! My notes on this topic: - Video compression has undergone many changes over the past two decades. But it seems like every new standard promises the same thing - identical image quality at half the bitrate of the previous one. Indeed, a HD H.265 video running at 5Mbit/s will have virtually identical quality to a H.264 at 10Mbit/s. - How is this achieved? Through improvements in both interframe and intraframe compression. - Interframe compression involves a comparison between previous and future frames and the current one, and it only encodes what's changed in the picture. Intraframe compression involves comparing areas within the same frame. - The main method used in interframe encoding is to divide the picture into small areas, which - in H.264 - were called "macroblocks", sized 16 x 16 pixels. So we start on a frame, called an I-frame or intraframe, that's stored as a full image - much like a JPEG. We then divide it into macroblocks, advance to the next frame, and compare its macroblocks with that of the I-frame. If several are virtually the same, we give the new frame the status of a "P-frame", or a predicted frame; this means that only the differences between it and the I-frame must be stored. - In H.265, macroblocks have been renamed to "coding tree units", and with a new name comes a new improvement. The size of each is now variable, and can range from 16 x 16 pixels - the original size - to up to 64 x 64 pixels. Furthermore, in H.265, a single coding tree unit (or macroblock) can be divided into coding units, which can be sized from 64 x 64 - which, coincidentally, is the same as the maximum size of a coding tree unit - down to 8 x 8. - Why is this such a big improvement? Well, remember that - when H.264 was standardized in 2003 - 1080p video was the height of technology. But now, more efficient encoding is needed for higher resolutions, such as 4K. - The second big improvement - mainly to do with intraframe compression - is the increase in prediction directions. Coding units, in H.265, can be further partitioned into smaller groups, called prediction units. These allow us to predict pixel values within the exact same image. - I could make use of several angular modes, which are directional. The angular modes allow me to extrapolate certain trends - so using a simple example, I could have a line coming down, and use an angular intra prediction mode to continue its progress throughout my prediction block. - H.264 only allows me to use 9 such modes. This could result in errors in my estimation, especially if I have a large block. But H.265 has... wait for it... 33 different modes! - One major problem with the new standard (at the moment) is that adoption has been limited. Even though it was first standardized back in 2013, there's still a lot of things that you can't do, including uploading videos encoded with it to YouTube. But the format was given a big boost recently, as it's been adopted as a default codec on 4K Blu-Ray.

Handbrake 4K H.265 video encoder speed test - NVENC v Quick Sync QSV - Intel i9 9900K vs RTX 2080 TI


Handbrake 4K H.265 video encoder speed test - NVENC v Quick Sync QSV - Intel i9 9900K vs RTX 2080 TI So what is faster at encoding 4K MP4 H.265 HEVC video files in Handbrake, Intel Quick Sync via the i9 9900K CPU or NVENC via the Nvidia RTX 2080 TI GPU graphics card? While both NVENC and Quick Sync Video QSV are both faster than software only, one of them is definitely faster than the other. This test can also been seen as Intel versus NVIDIA, or more precisely, Intel's Quick Sync video encoding technology versus NVIDIA's NVENC video encoding technology. Although both Quick Sync and NVENC are usually just referred to as video encoders. They are both capable of lending themselves to other video post applications. In the broader scheme of things they can both be used for rendering, decoding, filters and basically fairly much whatever video post processing acceleration and assistance duties that software writers account for within their video post production software and products. But in this instance I'm just concentrating on the task of video encoding within Handbrake. Just like H.264 before it, H.265, or HEVC, is very taxing on your CPU and/or your GPU for both decoding and encoding. This is mostly due to the complexity of an inter-frame codec, which both H.264 and H.265 are. Despite the similarities, H.265 creates even more drain on your system's resources compared to the already difficult to decode/encode/process H.264. Which basically means that H.265 requires more in the way of raw CPU and/or GPU processing power. To make matters worse for both codecs, 4K also has to be factored into the equation and quite often up to frame rates of 60FPS and beyond. With the addition of 4K and high frame rates in the equation, it really does compound the technical difficulties and system processing requirements that are needed for encoding and generally any type of work where H.265 is part of the production workflow. Another thing to bear in mind here is that there are also pure software encoding option for H.264 and H.265. What I mean by pure software, or software only, is a codec, or a specific encoder's codec, that will do all the encoding just with the CPU and not utilise any CPU iGPU like Quick Sync QSV or the AMD equivelent or a dedicated GPU such as those by Nvidia or AMD. There are a number of software encoders available, some of which that are extremely good at encoding very high quality H.265 or H.264 video files. It'd probably be very fair to say that these software encoder solutions can create better encodes compared to QSV or NVENC, especially at the lower bit rates, with the very best probably being the X264 & X265 video encoding engines. But despite the fact that X264 & X265 are probably the best for pure technical video quality, this is only usually noticeable at the lower bit rates or in complex scene structures, such as fast movements within the frame and fast wide changes in chroma and luma content. With increased bit rates the results are usually very similar with regard video picture quality outputs comparing software only such as X264 & X265 and iGPU/GPU assisted ones. Another thing to bear in mind with software only encodings, even in their fastest modes, they take a long time to complete and can be seriously long if you use higher quality, thorough analysis settings. The one thing that I hope is clear so far is that H.265 can be a serious drain on your resources and that is regardless of the type of encoder used. Despite the differences in encode times between the NVENC encoder and the Quick Sync encoder. They both offer a very clear and substantial benefit when it comes to encoding times. These benefits will also be seen in any video post production software, and video encoders, that utilise them. So the last thing to mention are the basic technical details of the files used and generated during the test. The source file was a 4K/UHD 3840x2160 25FPS HQX video file. HQX is a professional intra-frame video production codec that's used by Grass Valley in their excellent Edius NLE, none linear editing software. Although the HQX master intermediate was 10 Bit, the source files that it was rendered from were only 8 Bit. In this instance the last two bits are padded. Both the H.265 files that were encoded by Quick Sync and NVENC were 8 Bit outputs with the the same resolution and frame rate attributes of the HQX master. Please consider supporting my YouTube channel by liking, subscribing and clicking the bell icon for notification of future videos. It really does make a big difference and also please share my video links. Or use my Amazon affiliate links when purchasing from Amazon, I receive a commission that helps my channel. 🤍 🤍 Thank you very much for watching this video, take care and goodbye now. Cheers, Dave.

H.264 vs H.265 comparison (4K)


* How to convert between H.264 and H.265: 🤍 * Free download H.264, H.265 converter: 🤍 ▬▬▬Timestamps▬▬▬▬▬ 00:00 1Mbps 00:30 3Mbps 00:57 4,5Mbps 01:24 5Mbps 01:52 6Mbps ▬▬▬Presets▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ H.264 - VerySlow (High profile) H.265 - Medium (Main profile) - 2-pass encoding ▬▬▬Summary▬▬▬▬▬▬ At lower bitrates H.265 is faster - H.264 is slower + lower quality (pixelated edge, detail loss) At higher bitrates H.264 is faster - H.265 is slower but better quality Check em out! ~Instagram // nickmans_01 ~SoundCloud // 🤍

Efficient encoding with H.265/HEVC


H.265/HEVC is an emerging video codec that promises to enable efficiency across many workflows. Matt and Dan look at all the ways H.265/HEVC will shake things up in 2022. INDEX 0:00 - Intro 1:19 - What is H.265/HEVC? 3:28 - Bitrate encoding demo 9:05 - Benefits of H.265 10:13 - How much bandwidth do you need to stream in H.265? 18:00 - Drawbacks of H.265 23:11 - How does H.265 encoding work? 26:48 - Other up-and-coming codecs 33:42 - Join us at NAB 2022 37:20 - Outro LINKS Learn more about the perfect-fit HEVC/H.265 encoder, Pearl Mini: 🤍 H.264 vs H.265 (comparison article): 🤍 🤍 Bitmovin codec adoption stats: 🤍 Lecture capture solutions: three setups (blog): 🤍 ABOUT THE SHOW Live 🤍 Epiphan is a twice-monthly live show that covers live streaming, video technology, video production, and best practices for video content creators. WHO WE ARE Epiphan Video makes reliable, easy-to-use products for streaming, switching, and recording professional-quality video. To learn more about Epiphan products, visit 🤍​​​. CONNECT WITH US Comments? Questions? Suggestions for the show? We respond to all inquiries. Leave us a comment on YouTube or email us at live🤍epiphan.com. Want more video technology news? Have questions? Need help or advice from our expert team? Check out our Facebook Page: 🤍

HEVC vs AVC: Which codec is right for you?


Doing some live streaming? Then you’ve probably heard of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and AVC (Advanced Video Coding). Both are internationally-accepted standards for encoding and decoding video. But their main difference? HEVC (H.265) provides the same video quality of AVC (H.264) at half the bitrate. But how exactly does this actually translate to what your audience sees? We experimented with videos encoded in HEVC vs AVC to answer that question. Read more on HEVC vs. AVC at the blog: 🤍 Learn more about Prism Flex and Prism Rack at: 🤍 Learn more about Serv 4K at: 🤍 Learn more about Cube at: 🤍 Join our community on social media! Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍 Join our email list 🤍 Visit our website 🤍 About Teradek Teradek designs and manufactures high-performance video solutions for broadcast, cinema, and general imaging applications. From wireless monitoring, color correction, and lens control, to live streaming, SaaS solutions, and IP video distribution, Teradek technology is used around the world by professionals and amateurs alike to capture and share compelling content. 🤍 #liveproduction #streaming #broadcasting #hevc #avc #codec

Install Free HEVC Codecs On Windows 10 For H.265 Video


Google Drive Link To Download HEVC Extensions: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 On Windows 10 and Windows 11, playing different video formats requires you to have the right codecs installed on your device. While the system does support the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265 format, Microsoft doesn't natively include the codec with Windows 10. But in this video, I'll show you how to install it and download it for free, or the error that says hevc codec must be installed to use this feature filmora. This extension also lets you encode HEVC content on Adobe Premiere & Wonershare Filmora and other apps for devices that don’t have a hardware-based video encoder Thanks For Watching 🌹🙏

How to stream with HEVC/H265 codec to Youtube


Found this out yesterday and thought I should share it with everyone. Enjoy your crisp H265 streams :) OBS Studio link: 🤍 Youtube Live Dashboard link: 🤍 Wallpaper link: 🤍 Song: 🤍 PC Specs: CPU: I3-10100f locked to 4.1Ghz GPU: AMD RX580 8GB RAM: 16GB 2667Mhz OS: My Custom Windows 10 Pro

ORIVISION HDMI/SDI H.265&H.264 HD Video Encoder


EH901 is a professional hardware video and audio encoder. Which designed to meet the HD/1080P🤍60 Video transmission applications.It supports H.265 (HEVC)/H.264 high-performance encoding. Also, it supports the most protocols including HTTP/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/ UDP/RTSP/Onvif, etc. It's high integration and cost-effective design make this device widely used in the variety of field such as CATV digital head-end, hotel IPTV system, live streaming broadcast, streaming media server etc. Also, the encoder works with the online live broadcast platform, such as YouTube, Ustream, Twitter, WOWZA, Facebook Live, etc. Advantage: √ Support H.265/H.264 /MJPEG encoding √ Support 1XHDMI Input and loop-out √ Support Digital audio/Analog audio loop out √ Support HTTP/HTTPS/RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/SRT/UDP/RTP/FLS/FLV/Onvif protocol √ Support output video stream format: TS/VES/AES stream, etc. √ LCD display device name, IP address, resolution and working status √ Support up to 1080P🤍60 resolution input and output √ Support 4 channels streams output at the same time √ Support audio encoding without the video input √ Support MP3/AAC/G.711 Advanced Audio Coding format quality √ 1000M network interface uses full duplex mode, LAN and WAN transmission √ Support POE power supply(optional) √ Support SDK, secondary development  √ Support network remote management and upgrade √ Support to be packed with 1U and 3U Rack(1~16channels video input) √ 7*24h Working √ OEM&ODM ➜More details: HDMI Video Encoder(Model: EH901): 🤍 SDI Video Encoder(Model: ES901): 🤍 VGA Video Encoder(Model: EV901): 🤍 ➜ Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 ➜ Follow me on Ins: 🤍 ➜ Contact me at: info🤍orivision.cn #orivision #hdmi #stream #streaming #livestream #iptv #encoder #srt #rtmp #rtsp #h264 #h265 #h265hevc #howto #simulcasting #streamingsetup #tutorial #productreveal

NVIDIA RTX 4090 - NVENC AV1 Codec vs H.265 vs H.264 (4K 120/60 FPS)


Więcej informacji o karcie NVIDIA RTX 4090 znajdziesz tutaj: 🤍

Encode / Convert Videos to H.265 (HEVC) using Hybrid


Encode / Convert Videos to H.265 (HEVC) using Hybrid Download Hybrid 🤍 Have a problem? Try this (Using MediaCoder) 🤍 Or this (Using Xvid4PSP (5 Series)): 🤍 Or this (Using x265 GUI): 🤍 Or this (Using IFME)): 🤍 Alternatives: Xvid4PSP (5 Series), HandBrake, MeGUI, IFME & MediaCoder Follow me: 🤍 🤍

How to set the video encoder


We focus on H 265 &H . 264 HDMISDINGA encoders and decodersHDMI / GASDI / DVI signal transmission withIP / network / cables / optical fiber and so on. Whether you are a user, a seller, or have questions about the use of the encoder, you can leave your thoughts in the comments. We are eager to make better solutions for everyone

S2 H.265 4K Video Encoder


S2 is a UHD 4K video encoder that is designed to meet the needs of all 4K video transmission applications. The input resolutions are up to 4Kp60 and encoding resolutions are up to 4Kp30. It supports H.265 (HEVC)/H.264 high-performance encoding. Also, it supports most protocols including NDI|HX/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/UDP/RTSP/Onvif, etc. Features: Adopt H.265 to save over 50% bandwidth 4K transmission to ensure better image quality Audio & Intercom Real-time monitoring and preview of the video Live streaming to 16 platforms simultaneously It's a Recorder Image and text overlay, wherever you like Powered by PoE & DC 12V Application: Broadcast meetings Web training Remote pathology Telemedicine Medical training Conferences Concerts Sports Remote supervision TV programming TV Broadcast Education Corporate Healthcare Live Events Public Security zoom meeting ...... ➜ Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 ➜ Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 ➜ Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ➜ My Website: 🤍 KV baby in the video: 🤍 📧 Contact me at: info🤍kiloview.com #simulcasting #streamingsetup #productreveal #HEVC #4K

Handbrake h.264 & h.265 encode times & files sizes compared. Nvidia NVENC, Intel Quick Sync, AMD VCE


Want to use GPU encoding in HandBrake to speed up the process of backing up your DVD and blu-ray discs? Wondering which GPU encoder is the fastest? Or which encoder compresses files the most? I spent two full days running 28 different encoding tests using Nvidia NVENC, AMD VCE and Intel Quick Sync (aka QSV) with both the h.264 and h.265 codecs in HandBrake to try and answer these questions. If you haven't seen my previous video you should totally check it out. :) 🤍 Wanna learn how to enable GPU encoding in HandBrake? Check out this video. 🤍 Like my videos? Want to help support the channel? Leave a comment, click the "Like" button, subscribe and share my videos with your friends. You can also purchase items I feature in my videos by shopping at my Amazon store here - United States - 🤍 United Kingdom - 🤍 Canada - 🤍 Wanna skip to a particular part of the video? Use the Time Stamps. :) Time Stamps 0:00 – intro/background 2:06 - hardware I used 2:52 - my DVD rip tests 3:41 - DVD RX 5700XT AMD VCE h.264 and h.265 results 4:09 - general observations of h.264 & h.265 results 5:25 - DVD UHD630 Intel Quick Sync & Nvidia NVENC h.264 & h.265 results 6:03 - DVD CPU encoding h.264 & h.265 6:39 - my blu-ray rip tests 7:24 - blu-ray RX 5700XT AMD VCE h.264 and h.265 results 8:26 - blu-ray Nvidia NVENC h.264 and h.265 results 8:57 - blu-ray UHD630 Intel Quick Sync h.264 & h.265 results 9:37 - my final thoughts 11:22 - Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe! :) Music in this video - "Flames" by Dan Henig from the YouTube Creator Studio Music Library



It took a long time to get the correct AMDGPU-PRO packaging and libraries sorted, and to get an actual encoder IN OBS to properly support it, but it's FINALLY here. Here's the PR request patch for OBS: 🤍 Here's how to get AMD AMF setup on Nobara/Fedora (OBS is already patched): 🤍 The author of the OBS PR request was on Arch and I worked with him to get the driver packages sorted on the Arch AUR side as well, so that should be available soon. This means the AMF encoder can now work in OBS on all Ubuntu, Arch, and Fedora based systems. As this is a 4k60 recording, please note it was done on a 6900 XT. Results may vary on lower end hardware.

H.265 HDMI Encoder


h.264/ h.265 Encoder test


Please ignore this is testing.......................

HEVC encoder settings for Youtube streaming using OBS 29 || How to stream with HEVC/H265 codec


HEVC encoder settings for Youtube streaming using OBS 29 How to stream with HEVC/H265 codec to Youtube YouTube Live HEVC encoder settings using OBS 28 (High Quality, Low Latency, Low Bitrate) h 265/hevc encoder (amd advanced media framework) live streaming bad internet connection #obs #hevc #obssettings AND HEVC encoder OBS

H.265 Encoder for Mac OS X and Windows


Have thought of converting your HD or AVCHD videos to H.265 to save more free space without losing the high-quality? Trying to find an easy-to-use H.265 Encoder? This video will show you a powerful H.265 Encoder for Mac OS X and Windows. Get more details about how to convert video to H.265:🤍 Download HEVC Converter: 🤍 Download Mac HEVC Converter: 🤍

H.265/H.264 HD HDMI Encoder for live streaming from Cadenceberge Model CAD-HV-HE01


1. FEATURES  Support H.265/H.264 encoding.  Support UDP, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF protocol.  Support MPEG1 Audio Layer 2.  CBR/VBR rate: 16Kbps~16Mbps.  1000M network interface uses full duplex mode.  Support up to 720p, 1080p🤍60HZ HD video input.  Support image parameter settings.  WEB interface management authority.  Support remote management in WAN (WEB).  Support resolution customized settings.  Support one key to restore the factory configuration. 2. PACKAGE CONTENTS 1). Main Unit. H.265/H.264 HD HDMI Encoder 2). 1x Power adapter DC 12V 3). Operating Instruction manual Our Website 🤍cadenceberge.com Cosntect : meraj🤍ctdpl.co.in Mobile - +91-9820528804 We also offer IP encoders support one-channel, four/eight channels HDMI/SDI/VGA optional, output dual stream H.264/H.265 format, audio ACC format. Users can adjust in the web control panel. The product is highly integrated, with low latency,low rate, low delay.It supports RTSP, RTP, HTTP, RTMP, UDP protocols. Five service butlers: 1.IP Matrix on Monitoring system 2.Hotel IPTV system live solution 3.Video conferencing system 4.Educational Recording System Solution 5.Digital Signage HD stream server

Video encoding format H 264&H 265


About the difference between H 264 and H 265

h265 and DaVinci - Less Space and Faster Encoding!


Still using H.264 ? not to worry, Just encode the final video in H.265 for space-saving and faster encoding on DaVinci. As a bonus, its YouTube friendly! Fab rTech merchandise - 🤍 Please do Subscribe to my channel 🤍 Follow me on Instagram 🤍 Link to Patreon 🤍 Here's my Amazon Store 🤍 Facebook Page 🤍 Twitter 🤍 rTech is YouTube Channel providing you with unboxing, reviews and DIY videos! #DaVinci #H265

Could this be the H.265/H.264 HDMI Video Encoder You Need? DDMALL HDMI Video Encoder Unboxing!


As store inventory for Video Encoders is very limited, I decided to find and try a different manufacturer that I'd never heard of! In contacting DDMALL, they are extremely responsive and friendly. They've sent me this HDMI Encoder for review. here's the unboxing. Not only does it include the encoder, but some other goodies. Link to the Amazon Product Page (Currently in Stock as of this video posting) 🤍 DDMALL Mini H.265 H.264 HDMI Video Encoder, Supports RTMP RTMPS RTSP TS RTP UDP Multicast Unicast, Live Streaming Encoder, USB-Powered, The Smallest Video Encoder for YouTube, Facebook, and More

Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini Native Handbrake Beta1.4 X265 HEVC Video Encoding Speed Test - X86 vs ARM


Amazon links: Mac Mini M1 🤍 MacBook Air M1 🤍 MacBook Pro M1 🤍 All The New Apple Products At Amazon USA 🤍 All The New Apple Products At Amazon UK 🤍 Panther Canyon NUC at Amazon 🤍 NVME SSDs at Amazon 🤍 SATA SSDs at Amazon 🤍 DDR4 SODIM 3200Mhz at Amazon 🤍 Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini Native Handbrake Beta1.4 X265 HEVC Video Encoding Speed Test - X86 vs ARM This is an extension to a previous video where I was comparing the encode times of a Mac Mini M1 to an Intel NUC i7 Panther Canyon. In the previous test I was using Handbrake 1.3.3 on both the Mac Mini and the NUC so I was doing like for like with the software. This test is to specifically compare the Mac Mini M1 running native ARM encoding H.265 HEVC with the beta 1.4.0 of Handbrake and to compare it with running the Mac Mini M1 running X86 emulated using Rosetta 2 and encoding the exact same source footage and using the exact same export parameters. In all tests I'm using X265 as the H.265 HEVC encoder. Here's the link to the previous video. Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini VS Intel NUC i7 Panther Canyon Handbrake X265 H.265 HEVC Encode Speed Test: 🤍 Also. Here's a video that is comparing the native ARM beta version of Handbrake running tests to compare H.265 HEVC & H.264 AVC software encoding vs hardware encoding. This uses Apple Video Toolbox as the hardware encoder and X265 & X264 for the software encoders. Handbrake H.264 H.265 HEVC Encoder Speed Test X265 X264 VS Video Toolbox Native ARM Apple Silicon M1 🤍 My YouTube production equipment & recommendations. Amazon USA 🤍 Amazon UK 🤍 If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up, share it, subscribe and click the bell. Click Here To Subscribe: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I use this commision for buying review equipment & for my YouTube production studio. Thank you. You can also use PayPal to support my channel 🤍 A nice fancy coffee really helps while I’m editing :) My Amazon Shop links. Amazon USA 🤍 Amazon UK 🤍 Amazon global links. Amazon USA: 🤍 Amazon UK: 🤍 Amazon Deutschland: 🤍 Amazon France: 🤍 Amazon España: 🤍 Amazon Italia: 🤍 Amazon Canada: 🤍 My ethics. I do not review Amazon products given to me for free in exchange for an Amazon website product review. DO NOT ASK. I do review products available on Amazon but these are products that I’ve either bought myself or products sent to me for free or on loan to be reviewed specifically for my YouTube channel. I always mention at the start of any videos if I’ve received any of the products being reviewed for free or on loan. Other than technical input that may be useful to the viewer, I never accept any input from anyone who sends me products for my reviews. I always try to be fair and balanced with my reviews but will always make it very clear if I find any issues with any products that I use or review. Contact me for product reviews, I do not respond to email requests for help or advice. YouTube🤍DavidHarry.com My web links and video playlists. David Harry 🤍 The Game Thing (game stuff): 🤍 DJI Cameras 🤍 GoPro Cameras 🤍 Sony ZV-1 🤍 I’m David Harry, thank you very much for watching this video, take care and goodbye now. Cheers, Dave.

x264 vs. H.265/HEVC | Software vs. AMD | Comparing OBS Encoders | Side by Side Comparison


What encoder is the best encoder to use in OBS? Is it the X264 Software Encoder? or is it the H265 HEVC AMD Hardware Encoder? Watch and find out!* *AMD has two encoders, the H264 AVC encoder and the H265 HEVC encoder, THE H265 HEVC ENCODER IS THE NEWER AND BETTER ONE(: Setup (average beginner desktop) ($900 est.) Brand: CyberPowerPC Processor: i5-8400 CPU 🤍 2.8Ghz Graphics Card: Radeon RX 5600XT 6GB GDDR6 1750MHz Memory: 24GB - 3000mhz XPG RAM Storage: 1TB SSD Samsung EVO 860 Secondary Storage: 1TB 7200rpm HDD Live Streaming ONLY on Facebook⬇️ Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YT Channel: 🤍

Best Settings for Video Compression in Handbrake | NVENC / CPU


NOTE: PASCAL GPUS, NVIDIA 1000 SERIES, has a very weak NVENC engine that does not have many features that allow for good compression of H264 and H265. Users who have these GPUs will see drastically worse compression results and should stick with CPU compression settings used in this video. I do some experiments to find out what are the best settings for handbrake to compress your videos which include NVENC. Don't have an Nvidia GPU? Just use your CPU and do Software encode. Music used: Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe OST 🤍

HD Encoder Encoder And Modulator Multi Channel H.264 H.265 Encoding 1080p


HD Encoder Encoder And Modulator Multi Channel H.264 H.265 Encoding 1080p

OBS Tutorial - How to Use NVIDIA H265/HEVC Encoder for Recording!!!


A simple tutorial video to teach you how to use H265/HEVC encoder in OBS for video recording! When video settings are same, for same bitrate, H265/HEVC gives you better video quality, compared to H264/HNEVC.

H.265 Live Streaming Encoder, 2K HDMI Video Encoder for IP Streaming to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch.


OUR WEBSITE:🤍ddmalltech.com H.265 H.264 Live Streaming Encoder, 2K HDMI Video Encoder for IP Streaming to Youtube, Facebook, IPTV, Twitch, Support SRT, RTMP, RTMPS. DDMALL HEV-2K ENCODER is a professional 2k hdmi encoder,hevc h.265 and AVC h.264 live streaming encoder, the video encoder supports up to 1080p60 input and 1080p30 output; support SRT, HLS, HTTP, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, TS, RTP, UDP, Multicast, Unicast. Remote Live Streaming Solution: the IP encoder supports DDNS. You can remotely control the live video encoder through domain and setup video transmission on Internet wordwidely. Dedicated Low Latency: Use the streaming encoder with DDMALL video decoder HDD-20, you can transmit video audio with low latency mode, of which the latency is less than 0.08s. Multiple Streams Output: this hdmi encoder supports up to 4 streams output simultaneously. Compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Dacast, Microsoft stream, Wowza, Vimeo, IPTV etc. Energy Efficient: the smallest portable IP video encoder. It can take power from most HDMI ports directly; power the SRT encoder by USB connection if the voltage of HDMI port is too low. Support OSD setting and video preview via web UI. HEV-2K is a H.265 and H.264 ulra-mini low power HDMI video encoder, this streaming encoder is a 2K hdmi encoder over IP. It supports SRT, HLS, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, TCP etc. At the same time, this mini live video encoder supports up to 1080p/1080i🤍60 input and 1080p🤍30 output. It is an IPTV encoder, which is the smallest professional streaming solution for IPTV system. Beyond that, It is also an H.265 SRT encoder, which can perform video transmission in a small bandwidth and low latency manner. It supports online upgrading to add new functionalities so that this IP encoder can meet diversified applications and financial budgets. If you are looking for a IP streaming solution for your home theater, outdoor sports, live broadcast, online teaching, UAV/drone, remote surveillance, CCTV etc. this 2K video encoder will be an ideal option. DDMALL is dedicated to providing customers with ultra-mini and lightweight HDMI audio video streaming solutions featured with low latency, low power consumption, easy installation and simple operation for over 20 years. At DDMALL, every customer can enjoy one-stop purchase and lifetime technical service.

EDIUS.DE Podcast - H.265 Software Encoder


In diesem Podcast zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie Videos in EDIUS X per Software-Encoder exportieren können. EDIUS X 10.30 Update jetzt verfügbar unter: 🤍 Weitere Informationen, Tipps und Tricks, die kostenlose 30 Tage Testversion und mehr erhalten Sie unter: 🤍 00:15 Hardwarebeschleunigtes H.265 encoding 00:23 Deaktivieren der Hardwarekodierer-Option im H.265-Export-Dialogfenster 00:36 Export von Interlaced Material möglich

New Product Launch|4-CH HDMI H.264/H.265 Encoder Module and Edge QAM Module for CMP Video Platform


New product launch! To help customers better keep up with the ever-changing market, Wellav recently released two new modules, 4-CH HDMI HEVC/H.264 encoder module and Edge QAM module, for the CMP video processing platform. For more information, please contact Wellav at sales🤍wellav.com or service🤍wellav.com.

NGCodec H.265/HEVC Video Compression | Powered by Xilinx


NGCodec develops next generation video compression technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality applications. Using Xilinx FPGAs, NGCodec is able to hardware accelerate its H.265/HEVC algorithm for high-performance video encoding.

TBS2603 HDMI H 265 ENCODER testing


TBS2603 HDMI H 265 ENCODER testing

TBS2603 HDMI H.265 ENCODER testing


Prueba y configuración de un TBS2603 HDMI H.265 ENCODER, desde el desembalaje, pasando por su configuración hasta la prueba del streaming en los clientes.

H.264 (AVC) vs. H.265 (HEVC) Simplified!


It's not hard to compare H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC), learn all about these video encoding and compression standards. Get the full breakdown on our blog: 🤍 Try BoxCast for free: 🤍 Follow us on: • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • LinkedIn: 🤍 • TikTok: 🤍 • Spotify: 🤍 • Apple Podcasts: 🤍 #livestreaming #boxcast #videoproduction

How To Get the Free HEVC Codec for Windows 10 / H.265 / HEVC Video Extensions


The URL download link to get the Free Windows 10 HEVC Codec is shown and the installation is demonstrated. If you want to play HEVC or h.265 videos in Windows 10, and you have a video board with a built-in HEVC codec, you can download this free "app" (hevc video extensions from device manufacturer ) from the Microsoft store which will use you video boards built-in HW codec. The link: 🤍 Companion Blog Post: 🤍 The Grok Shop Website: 🤍 Find it on Amazon: 🤍 Music: Special THANK YOU to my friends at Epidemic Sound! 🤍 #grokshop #windows10 #hevc * We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites

Installation Codecs H265 HEVC Codec for Adobe Media Encoder


HEVC For Media Encoder 2018 & 2019 For Download File Join The telegram Massenger Group Name Is "Debugging Adobe" Frome Link 🤍

Wireless H.265 HDMI Encoder Live Steaming—— BUILD YOUR OWN IRL BACKPACK「LOW BUDGET」


The HEV-2KW is a small-sized, cost-effective and reliable wireless HEVC encoder, enabling broadcasters and other content creators to transmit high quality video on-the-go. It features a maximum of 1080i60/1080p60 HDMI input, and has both the newer H.265 video codec as well as the H.264 codec in the same unit. 🤍 (This product will have a prime-exclusive discount of up to 20% on Amazon from June 21 to June 22, 2021. You can add it to wish list and buy on the Amazon site in your country. If you are not the prime of Amazon, please contact us to get a 10% coupon. Looking forward to your patronage.)

HOW TO: Play HEVC H.265 Videos On A Windows 10 PC for Free


Play HEVC video without install extra codec: 🤍 FIXED / SOLVED When you cannot play h.265 HEVC videos recorded on a GoPro on a Windows 10 PC H.265/HEVC video extension free download on windows 10 pc from microsoft.com high-efficiency video coding format is a video compression standard. This is also known as H.265 or MPEG-H Part 2. It is a successor to AVC or H.264 or MPEG-4. HEVC maintains the same quality of video while it doubles the data compression ratio. It supports 8K UHD resolution of 8192 x 4320 as well. #HEVC #H265 Link to Microsoft - 🤍 BUY ME A DRINK ☕ 🤍 Gaming Playlist - 🤍 #geekstreet #HEVC #H265 ✳️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✳️ 🛒 🤍 🛒 🤍 ✳️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✳️ 🔔 Don't forget to "Like" this video, leave a "Comment" and "Subscribe" to our channel (IT'S FREE), hitting the bell to all to be notified of new uploads ▶️ 🤍 ➡ Follow us on Social Media 💙 TWITTER: 🤍 🧡 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 💜 FACEBOOK: 🤍 ➡ Contact us ✉ Email for Business Enquires: YouTubeGeekStreet🤍outlook.com 💬 Live Chat via WeChat id: GeekStreet ➡ Free Amazon Trials 🆓 US - Prime - 🤍 🆓 UK - Prime - 🤍 🆓 Germany - Music Prime - 🤍 🆓 Italy - Prime - 🤍 🆓 Spain - Prime - 🤍 ✳️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✳️

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