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Learn Colors in Russian // Colours in Russian


In this lesson, you´ll learn how to say colors in Russian. The names of colours will be repeated twice in Russian. The second time we see the colors, there will be a splash of a specific colour. You have about 2,5 seconds before the name of its colour appears on the screen. TRANSCRIPTS To get transcripts in PDF for most of the videos from the Russian Level 1 channel, go to 🤍. ABOUT Learning Russian is not easy, that's why we created the Russian Level 1 channel. It's full of study resources created for beginner students of the Russian language. All Russian words and phrases in our lessons are translated into English and transliterated into Latin characters. They are repeated two to three times in both slow and fast Russian so that you can clearly hear the correct pronunciation. You'll be able to learn Russian with Russian Level 1 even if you're a complete beginner! Our lessons cover useful Russian phrases for absolute beginners, most common Russian words with examples, Russian sentences used in daily life, basic Russian vocabulary with pictures, phrases you need for daily conversations in Russian, useful expressions in Russian, easy phrases that every Russian beginner must know, conversational Russian phrases, and so much more! You will also get lots of opportunities to practice your Russian speaking and listening skills with our unique lessons.

Russian vocabulary - lesson 19 - Colours


Russian vocabulary - lesson | Most common words: colours in Russian Learn the basic Russian words! These are a selection of the 1000 most common words in Russian: 40 lessons, in each lesson you learn 25 Russian words. This lesson deals with. The vocabulary of this Russian course is selected based on frequency statistics and basic words to learn a language; added with some specific words you absolutely need to know when travelling to Russia. Teacher Anastasia tells you additionally about Russia, the Russian culture and the Russian people. This is a re-production for the Russian language of Bart de Pau's award winning method '1000 most common words in Dutch' ( The best way to learn the words: 1. Watch the video 2. Go to and learn the word list 3. Do the exercises that come with the video (c) BLC /

#59 Russian vocabulary - colors: black, white, grey, red... черный, белый, серый - russian colours


Colors make our life more exciting! And learnung colors is essential in the process of studying a foreign language, so let's learnthe Russian words, denoting the most popular colors! English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday! My channel - 🤍 My group - 🤍 My facebook group - 🤍

Weekly Russian Words with Katya - Colors


Get Katya’s Word List for FREE Here: 🤍 This week Katya will teach you five colors, only she doesn't know what they are yet! In this fast-paced weekly series, learn off-the-cuff Russian with Katya! She's been given five words and will explain and teach them to you using sample sentences she makes up on the spot.

Russian words: Colors


1-on-1 Russian lessons with Denis Fedorov. Free spots are available! Enroll now and get a bonus: Russian Pronunciation Project, my comprehensive 28-hour video program on Russian pronunciation. 🤍 - The Russian words from this video certainly should become a part of your active Russian vocabulary. I recommend you to check out the PDF (the link is below) and to make sure that you know all those Russian words and can pronounce them correctly; this video will teach you to properly pronounce all these words. DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE: 🤍 The main thing about word lists like this one (thematic lists) is that such lists can significantly and promptly increase your Russian proficiency in some specific situations. If you want a Russian vocabulary breakthrough in some important direction – a thematic list is what you need. Today, I am offering you a breakthrough in the “Colors” vocabulary category.

Learn Russian for Kids - Numbers, Colors & More


In this exciting adventure, kids learn Russian words for colors, toys, clothes, furniture, and counting to 10. Click the chapters below to jump to a specific section. These videos are also excellent for teaching English to kids who speak Russian. Great for bilingual education, ESL, and ELL. Colorful animation, real images, and adorable characters create an engaging experience that’s clear and easy to follow. ~ Chapters ~ 00:00 Rock 'N Learn Title Screen 00:05 Household Items 07:20 Counting to Five 08:44 The Colors 12:08 Practice the Colors 14:36 Where's My Shoe? 16:54 Clothes 21:24 Numbers Zero Through Ten 24:26 Toys 29:02 Color and Number Practice With Toys 32:45 Practice With Clothes 34:30 Practice With Household Items

Colours in Russian - Vocabulary


Hi guys! There are many colours in the world! In this video you will learn how to call in Russian 10 of the most popular colours. More vocabulary in these videos: How to say YES NO & THANK YOU in Russian 🤍 How to Say How Are You in Russian & common answers in Russian How to Say "How Are You" in Russian. 🤍 New Year and X-mas Vocabulary in Russian 🤍 THANKS FOR WATCHING! :) LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!

Beginning Russian I: Adjectives of Color | Vocabulary Practice


This video is created to introduce adjectives of color for beginners and provide some vocabulary to help memorize the meanings of colors when hear and see the adjectives. Recommended for students of Novice Low proficiency level. ☺ 🛒 Buy my downloads here: 🤍 ☺If you like my channel and appreciate my work, please help me make more and better videos for you to learn Russian. Support my channel and website here: 🤍

Learn COLORS in Russian - Vocabulary For BEGINNERS


Hi! My name is Oksana, welcome to my channel! :) I'm a native Russian speaker and in my videos I'm teaching you how to speak Russian. By watching this video you'll learn how different colors are named as russian. THe colors in russian are represented by adjectives, and in this video all of their gender forms, as well as singular and plural, will be given. You'll also be able to listen to a native russian's pronunciation of the words. If you have any questions, feel free to write them down in the comments section. Please also watch: Ask WHICH COLOR in Russian: 🤍 FRUITS in Russian: 🤍 SCHOOL SUPPLIES in Russian: 🤍 CITY-related words in Russian: 🤍 Types of Adjectives in Russian: 🤍 Thank you for watching! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give this video a THUMBS UP :) Oksana :) #colorsinrussian #russianadjectives #russianvocabulary #russianlesson #russian101 #russianlanguage #howtosayinrussian #russianpronunciation #russianspelling #russianforbeginners #russianwords #russianeasy #russianteacher #russiannativespeaker #learnrussian

Beginning Russian: Reviewing Adjectives of Color in Context: Какой? Какой цвет? Какого цвета?


If you are familiar with the adjectives of color in Russian, this video is for you to go further and practice adjectives in context. In this video, you refresh the color adjectives, get familiar with some new vocabulary, and learn how to differentiate between “What color?”, “Which color?”, and “What kind of?” Recommended for students of the beginning level (A2) ☺ 🛒 Buy my downloads here: 🤍 ☺If you like my channel and appreciate my work, please help me make more and better videos for you to learn Russian. Support my channel and website here: 🤍

The colors / colours in Russian - Learn Russian with us!


If you want to learn Russian visit us at 🤍. TODAY'S LESSON: THE COLORS / COLOURS IN RUSSIAN This is a Russian lesson for begginers. Learning how to say the colours in Russian is very useful in many situations. In this lesson: - You will learn the name of the colours. - You will learn how to say "light" and "dark". This is useful to differenciate for example between "light red" and "dark red". - You will learn the endings of the colours for each Russian gender. In Russian nouns can be masculine, feminine and neuter. The colours have different endings for each gender. In order to help you with the pronunciation, each word in Russian comes with a "pronunciation guide" in parenthesis, like this: [pro-nun-ci-a-tion] This will not express 100% the real pronunciation, but it is a useful help for those students who are learning how to read Russian letters. Enjoy the video and visit our website! 🤍 . . .

Colors in Russian


Hey, in this video I am talking about the colors. I am not just naming them, but I also give some additional info about them. I hope this was helpful! Noun Gender - 🤍 BeFluent Class - 🤍 Support Languages- 🤍 Facebook Community- 🤍 Instagram- 🤍 Me VK- 🤍 Email- befluentlanguages🤍

Learn Russian - Russian Color Vocabulary


🤍 Learn Russian words using the Learn Russian with Pictures series from Beautiful images clearly show Russian vocabulary divided into units by topic. Each word is introduced in English and Russian. It's a great way to study new vocabulary words that will build up your proficiency in Russian and lead you on your way to mastering this beautiful language! What is your favorite color? This lesson will teach you all you need to talk about colors in Russian. Next time you meet up with your Russian friend, you can ask them what colors they like. If you learned a lot with this video, stop by our Russian language learning website and get other language learning content including other great videos like this one, audio podcasts, review materials, blogs, iPhone applications, and more. Join the friendly community of learners at 🤍, and start mastering Russian today! 🤍

Advanced Russian Vocabulary. Colors


Everyone knows the basic colors in Russian. But what about advanced vocabulary? After this lesson, you will be able to speak more competently and more correctly about flowers, nature, cosmetics, clothes and, of course, about food. The transcript is available on 🤍

Best Russian Practice Lessons - 35 - Russian Adjectives Exercises - Russian Vocabulary Colors


Russian Conversation Practice - Improve Speaking Skills. You've decided to start learning Russian, so let's get you speaking like a Russian native speaker! In this video, you'll learn the most important survival phrases in Russian, all the phrases you need to know before you travel. If you want to start learning Russian, this video is made for you. Our host express themselves in simple Russian, with subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Russian study. Lesson 35. Practical tasks in Russian. Topic: adjectives (colors). 00:22 table "Endings of adjectives - masculine, feminine, neuter" 02:56 red, 03:15 yellow, 03:34 black, 03:53 green 04:07 blue, 04:24 blue, 04:40 orange, 05:00 gray 05:18 brown, 05:34 pink 05:49 task 1 07:11 Answers 1 09:28 task 2 10:30 answers 2 11:50 task 3 13:06 answers 3 Практика русского разговора - улучшение разговорных навыков. Вы решили начать изучать русский язык, поэтому давайте научим вас говорить как носитель русского языка! В этом видео вы выучите самые важные фразы для выживания на русском языке, все фразы, которые вам нужно знать перед поездкой. Если вы хотите начать изучать русский язык, это видео создано для вас. Наши ведущие высказываются на простом русском языке с субтитрами. Это видео бросит вызов вашим навыкам восприятия речи на слух и поможет вам продвинуться в изучении русского языка. Урок 35. Практические задания по русскому. Тема: прилагательные ( цвета ). 00:22 таблица "Окончания прилагательных - мужской, женский, средний род" 02:56 красный, 03:15 желтый, 03:34 чёрный, 03:53 зелёный 04:07 голубой, 04:24 синий, 04:40 оранжевый, 05:00 серый 05:18 коричневый, 05:34 розовый 05:49 задание 1 07:11 ответы 1 09:28 задание 2 10:30 ответы 2 11:50 задание 3 13:06 ответы 3 #russianlessons #russianadjectives #russiancourse #slowrussian #russiangrammar #idiomaruso #linguarussa #russischesprache #readrussian #languerusse #Ρωσικάδωρεάν #Russianpractice #russianlanguage

Russian vocabulary made easy: learn colors in Russian + bonus!


In this video, you will learn the names for basic colors, some names for food and play a little art game!



Всем привет! Спасибо, что посмотрели это видео! Hello everyone! Thank you for watching this video! This is the 5th video in the series called "Russian vocabulary" where I teach you russian vocabulary IN RUSSIAN in the context without translation. This types of videos best suit students of A2 or higher level of Russian. But this particular video I made for complete beginners, so if you are A0 - then this video is for you!!! My website: 🤍 My email: learn_russian🤍 Write in comments - what is your favorite color? And thank you for watching this video! Hope this was useful! Nikolai Tishin Russian teacher Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Want to be my student? Write me in whatsapp: +7 906 438 43 13 #russian​ #learnrussian​ #russianvocabulary​ #russianwords​ #russianlessons​ #russianteacher

Colours - Russian Lessons


Learn the Russian words for colours. Each colour also contains an example to help you learn the word with a little context. Don't forget colours are adjectives. The ending of the word changes depending on the gender and case of the noun it refers to. Here is a list of the colours of colours. (Note: light blue and dark blue are considered different colours in Russian.) белый - white чёрный - black красный - red зелёный - green жёлтый - yellow синий - dark blue голубой - light blue оранжевый - orange коричневый - brown серый - grey розовый - pink пурпурный - purple A detailed description about forming adjectives can be found here. 🤍 Here is a transcript of the examples: Белый (white): На улице идет красивый белый снег. Черный (black): Эта ежевика очень черная. Красный (red): Помидоры всегда красные. Зеленый (green): Все знают, что трава зеленая. Желтый (yellow): Это подсолнух, он желтый. Синий (blue): Я люблю купаться в синем море. Голубой (sky-blue): Какое небо голубое! Оранжевый (orange): Этот апельсин достаточно оранжевый? Коричневый (brown): У меня есть серая мышка. Розовый (pink): Я купил своей жене розовые розы. Багровый (purple): Сегодня был багровый рассвет. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel! Visit us at 🤍

Learn colors in Russian. Learn 12 colors!


Learn colors in Russian with us! Today we learn basic colors in Russian. Let's start! жёлтый - yellow красный - red синий - blue голубой - light blue чёрный - black белый - white серый - grey коричневый - brown зелёный - green оранжевый - orange розовый - pink фиолетовый - violet 1) Repeat after the speaker. 2) Look at the picture and try to remember this word in Russian. 3) An oral test. Try to remember the word for its sound. 4) A written test.

Russian vocabulary COLOURS / Lesson with IFA transcription (Sub)


Learn russian colours now. Useful list of colors/ colours with images and exercises . 0:01 Vocabulary 1:09 Listening exercise 2:54 Reading exercise 4:58 Say in Russian !

Colors and Shades in Russian: Vocabulary + Exercises


Learn basic colors and their shades in Russian. Picture vocabulary and test. Read text version of the lesson as well: 🤍 Music: 🤍

Colours in Russian


Colours in Russian All Russian language lessons: 🤍 00:08​ Repeat after me 02:38 Let's check 05:09 Listen to the words and remember what it is 07:40​ Write a dictation 09:09 Check the dictation Colours in Russian, Colors in Russian, The names of colors in Russian, learning Russian, Russian color names, Writing and pronunciation of Russian color names, Colour in Russian, Red in Russian, White in Russian, Yellow in Russian, Grey in Russian, Blue in Russian, Orange in Russian, Pink in Russian, Violet in Russian, Black in Russian, Brown in Russian, Green in Russian, Beige in Russian, Golden in Russian, Silvery in Russian Colors in Russian In this lesson we will learn new words on the topic: Colours in Russian. The names of colors in Russian One of the first topics to learn when learning a foreign language is the names of colors. That is why we have dedicated this lesson to the subject of Colors in Russian. Russia is sometimes described as a snow-covered country that exists only in shades of grey, but this is far from the truth. The country is known with one of the most colourful architecture in the world, with an iconic appearance, such as St. Basil's Cathedral ( "Храм Василия Блаженного" ). It would be a shame to travel to Russia, to see the beauties around you, but then not be able to describe what you saw. Therefore, learning the subject of the names of colors in Russian is an important first step in learning Russian. Colors in Russian change their endings based on their gender, according to whether it is singular or plural, and according to the form of a noun which colour is used. This may seem difficult at first, but, as you regularly use the names of colors in Russian in conversation, you will learn to use to the endings over time. In dictionaries,colors in Russian are always marked as masculine. In Russian, the change of color endings by gender and according to using them in singular or plural is as follows: Singular: Masculine: "-ый, -ий" for example: жёлтый - yellow Feminine: "-ая, -яя" for example: жёлтая - yellow Neuter: "-ое, -ее" for example: жёлтое - yellow. In plural - for all genders - "-ые, -ие" for example: жёлтые - yellows. At the same time, the colours in Russian change their endings depending on the case of the noun which it belongs. If you want to learn Russian at a a high level, you must know how colors in Russian changes their endings: Nominative: Masculine: "-ый, -ий" for example: жёлтый Feminine: "-ая, -яя" for example: жёлтая Neuter: "-ое, -ее" for example: жёлтое Genitive: Masculine: "-его, -ого" for example: жёлтого Feminine: "-ей, -ой" for example: жёлтая Neuter: "-его, -ого" for example: жёлтого Dative: Masculine: "-ему, -ому" for example: жёлтому Feminine: "-ей, -ой" for example: жёлтой Neuter: "-ему, -ому" for example: жёлтому Accusative: Masculine: "-его (-ий), -ого (-ый)" for example: жёлтего Feminine: "-ую, -юю" for example: жёлтую Neuter: "-его (-ее), -ого (-ое)" for example: жёлтего Instrumental: Masculine: "-им, -ым" for example: жёлтым Feminine: "-ей, -ой" for example: жёлтой Neuter: "-им, -ым" for example: жёлтым Prepositional: Masculine: "-ем, -ом" for example: жёлтом Feminine: "-ей, -ой" for example: жёлтой Neuter: "-ем, -ом" for example: жёлтом Colors in Russian are adjectives because they belong to nouns and pronouns. In Russian, adjectives must correspond to nouns and pronouns, so they vary according to gender, quantity, and the case of the noun. For example, if you are talking about five red pencils, then you should use the plural form of red - "красные". You will also need to choose the correct case of the noun. Remember that learning Russian is not an easy task for foreigners. In this lesson, we learned about one of the most important topics, colors in Russian. You can learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of Russian color names from the following resource. Writing and pronunciation of Russian color names. Colours in Russian, Colors in Russian, The names of colors in Russian, learning Russian, Russian color names, Writing and pronunciation of Russian color names, Colour in Russian, Red in Russian, White in Russian, Yellow in Russian, Grey in Russian, Blue in Russian, Orange in Russian, Pink in Russian, Violet in Russian, Black in Russian, Brown in Russian, Green in Russian, Beige in Russian, Golden in Russian, Silvery in Russian, #Colours_in_Russian #Colors_in_Russian #The_names_of_colors_in_Russian #learning_Russian #Russian_color_names #Russian_language_lessons #Colour_in_Russian #red_in_Russian #White_in_Russian #Brown_in_Russian #Pink_in_Russian #yellow_in_Russian #silvery_in_Russian #golden_in_Russian #beige_in_Russian #green_in_Russian #violet_in_Russian #Black_in_Russian

Russian words for colors


Russian words for colors (Short version) All Russian language lessons: 🤍 Russian words for colors, Russian words to learn, Color in Russian, names of colors in Russian, Russian color names, how to name colors in Russian, colours in Russian, Red in Russian, White in Russian, Yellow in Russian, Grey in Russian, Blue in Russian, Orange in Russian, Pink in Russian, Black in Russian, Brown in Russian, Green in Russian, Beige in Russian, Golden in Russian, Silvery in Russian, Violet in Russian, Azure in Russian, Khaki in Russian, Maroon in Russian, Navy blue in Russian, Turquoise in Russian #Russianwordsforcolors #Russian_words_for_colors #Colours_in_Russian #Colors_in_Russian #ThenamesofcolorsinRussian #learningRussian #Russiancolornames #Russianlanguagelessons #ColorinRussian #redinRussian #WhiteinRussian #BrowninRussian #PinkinRussian #yellowinRussian #silveryinRussian #goldeninRussian #beigeinRussian #greeninRussian #violetinRussian #BlackinRussian

Learn Russian part 3 | Colors


MultilingualAudio Channel 🤍 This video is designed to help beginners learn basic Russian vocabulary fast and easily. Each word is repeated 3 times (normally, slowly and normally) by Google Text-to-Speech. Playlist: Learn Russian 🤍 Colors 🤍 Learn Russian | Days of the Week 🤍 Learn Russian | Month of Year 🤍 Learn Russian | Numbers 0 to 20 🤍

Colors in Russian - Vocabulary Spelling and Pronunciation


Most used colors basic Russian vocabulary Spelling and pronunciation Thanks for watching! :)

Russian colours 1 / Русские цвета 1 | Russian 0


Learn how to pronounce Russian colour vocabulary with an experienced native Russian teacher. Russian lesson: 🤍 Start learning Russian colours. Listen, repeat and learn with Natasha Brown. Read all blue coloured letters "O"s as "U in up" or as "E in pen" - 🤍 Start learning Russian instantly with our free online Russian language lessons: 🤍 To encourage language learning, each video has a page with extra material to test yourself on how well you have learned the new Russian words and grammar. We use direct method language teaching in our videos. If you don't understand everything immediately, don't worry just relax. Don't think too much, just repeat the new Russian words. Watch the video a few times and it will quickly begin to make sense. Each lesson helps you to revise the previous lesson's topic so you can consolidate what you have learned. You can look at the subtitles and the available translations of the subtitles to assist your learning. If the video has no subtitles it will have the Russian text and a translation of that text on our website. We would be grateful if you helped us to translate any subtitles into your native language. This will help you to reinforce what you are learning and others to learn your language too. #LearnRussian #RussianLanguage #LearnRussianLanguage

Colours in Russian / Improve Your Basic Vocabulary / Gender of Adjectives


In this video I am teaching you how to say and use colours in Russian. We'll also exercise gender differences in colours. Just don't forget one rule: Repeat everything with me :) If you have any questions feel free to ask me. It will be my pleasure to answer you. Thanks for learning Russian with me ❤️ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM 👇 learnwithlana_1 Thanks for watching ❤️

Russian lesson | Learn colors in Russian | Boost your Russian vocabulary | Russian adjectives


Hello dear Russian learners! Here is a short but useful Russian lesson. Watching this video you will learn how to say colors in Russian. I chose only basic colors that are useful in everyday conversaion with Russians! And by the way what is your favourite color? Какой ваш любимый цвет? Also you will be able to improve your Russian pronunciation because I pronounce all the Russian words clearly and slowly. And that's not all! You will learn some new Russian adjectives and nouns (boost your Russian vocabulary!). And also you will learn some information about gender of Russian adjectives. I am a professional Russian teacher. I teach Russian language to foreigners already 7 years and I do really love my profession! So if you would like to order Russian lessons with me please text me here bucherer16🤍 Learning foreign language can be fun! :) Photo credit: all photos were taken from UNSPLASH. #russianlanguage #learnrussian #russianlessons From Moscow with love, your Russian teacher, Veronika

Russian vocabulary practice: clothes and colors in Russian, одежда и цвета


In this lesson we will practise Russian vocabulary, connected with clothes, footwear, and colors! Make sure to pause the video and say the sentences yourself before you listen to my saying them! Study English and Russian with Antonia Romaker! My channel - 🤍 My group - 🤍 My facebook group - 🤍

Song to remember Russian colors


Easy and fun Russian

391. Colors, Shapes & Numbers in Russian


The book I use is from Usborne. LIVE lessons every day at 8:30 AM Moscow time. You can watch all the LIVE lessons here 🤍 Photo credit: pixabay Watch most popular Videos on my Channel: Fking Russian BAD Words 🤍 DO NOT say "Пожалуйста"! How to respond to Thank you in Russian language? 🤍 150 Phrases Every Russian Beginner Must-Know 🤍 100 Verbs Every Russian Beginner Must-Know 🤍 50 Common Russian Phrases to use in Conversation 🤍 Lesson #1 The Alphabet 🤍 Complete Vocabulary for A1 & A2 Levels 🤍 30 Phrases related to Love & Romance 🤍 Learn Russian with Songs 🤍 MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: 🤍russianwithnastya Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍anastasiabatiri 🤍 email: russianwithnastya🤍 If you want to support my channel: PayPal - If you like my lessons, and would like to support me, you can buy me a coffee here: 🤍 Love, Nastya xoxo #russianlanguage #russianlessons #russianteacher #russianforbeginners

Kids vocabulary-Color-Russian educational video| Colours. Les couleurs en russe.What colour is it?


Our new videos you can find here 🤍 This video will help you to learn COLOURS in Russian and ask and answer the question What colour is it?

Russian Vocabulary Colors and Days Draw and Learn


Learn Russian Colors and Days of the Week with Funny Drawings. Stream 🔶PATREON: 🤍 📺TWITCH: 🤍 ☕KO_FI: 🤍 🔴REDDIT: 🤍 🐦TWITTER: 🤍 📗TPT: 🤍 📱tik-tok & instagram: 🤍tanyasgettinteractive

🎨Learn Colors in Russian🇷🇺| Basic Russian Words | Colours for kids with spelling


Colours in #Russian and in English with pronunciation by native speakers and spelling: красный = red, оранжевый = orange, желтый = yellow, зеленый = green, синий = blue, голубой = light blue, розовый = pink, фиолетовый = violet, белый = white, коричневый = brown, черный = black, серый = grey #LearnRussian with 🤍 ♡ #RussianForBeginners video course: 🤍 💙 #BasicRussian Vocabulary free ebook: 🤍 ❤️ Subscribe and stay tuned: 🤍 Watch #RussianMovies with EN and RU CC in this YouTube playlist: 🤍 Watch Russian Cartoons with EN and RU CC in this YouTube playlist: 🤍 Follow us on social media for a daily dose of fun: Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Articles on Russian Grammar and Culture: 🤍 - Music "Always on My Mind" © Epidemic Sound

Lets Learn Russian! Russian words for colors. Lesson 016


Short and unserious lessons that help you learn Russian. I hope it will help and entertain you! Let's learn Russian and make friends! Our website: 🤍 Follow our channel: 🤍 Join us on Facebook: 🤍

Russian words / color / Russian language


Russian words / color / Russian language Red Grey Blue Dark blue Green Yellow Pink Orange Brown White Black Violet Gold Silver Amber Azure Beige Body colour Bronze Chocolate Coral Denim blue Lilac Pearl Raspberry Sand Snow Vinous Light sea green light green Russian words / color / Russian language

Lesson 8. Colors and flowers. Learn Russian vocabulary. Цвета в русском языке.


In the comment below please write your answer to this question: Какой твой любимый цвет? Цвет = color Цвета = colors Цветок = flower Цветы = flowers What color is it? Какой это цвет? Это зеленый. Какого это цвета? Зелёного. What color is this tulip? Какого цвета этот тюльпан? This is a red tulip. Это красный тюльпан. This tulip is red. Этот тюльпан красного цвета. What color are these tulips? Какого цвета эти тюльпаны? These tulips are pink. Эти тюльпаны розового цвета. Это розовые тюльпаны. Become my Patron and get exclusive content 🤍 €28 off on Airbnb toward your first trip 🤍 For more videos, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Website 🤍 🔥 Support my channel by making a donation 🤍 #coloursinrussian #learnrussian

Цвета: слова для детей | Russian words: colors


Стильное видео для изучения названий цветов. Основные цвета: красный, оранжевый, желтый, зеленый, голубой, синий, фиолетовый, коричневый, белый, черный. В видео можно посмотреть как выглядит цвет айвори, как выглядит цвет маренго, как выглядит цвет индиго, как выглядит пурпурный цвет и т.д. Здесь малыш получает свое первое образование. Colors in Russian. Learn Russian

Learn useful russian vocabulary: Learn Colors in russian


In this video you Learn useful russian vocabulary: Learn Colors in russian. There are pictures with colours and the written russian variant of a word. Also i pronounce each word twice, so you can repeat it with me learning the pronunciation and memorizing it. Enjoy russian - join my channel for new useful video-lessons for russian ! U r welcome!

Colors and numbers in Russian; most important words in Russian


Hello everyone! In this video you will get to know Julia and the bear. They are collecting flowers in the forest and singing the song about the rainbow. They also get caught in the rain and after it are looking for mushrooms. Besides, you will learn many useful Russian words and phrases, learn how to use the verb 'to be' (быть) and will learn the endings for masculine, feminine and neuter nouns and adjektives. Have fun watching our video! For more materials and Russian lessons visit our home page: 🤍 "Music: 🤍" Focus by Allerlei von Nicolai | 🤍 Music promoted by 🤍 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License 🤍 Positive & Upbeat by Mixaund | 🤍 Music promoted by 🤍

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