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Achieve true fluency in Russian Comprehensible Russian is a resource of learning content for those who want to develop real abilities in the language rather than just getting knowledge about it. Watch interesting videos, acquire real Russian language naturally and… enjoy progress! The method is based on Stephen Krashen's Natural Approach, ALG (Automatic Language Growth) approach to language acquisition and much inspired by Refold Roadmap by Matt. How to watch the videos? Just watch, listen attentively and try to follow the main idea of the video. Understanding every single word is not necessary. Focus on the meaning of the message itself. Rewatch videos several times. You will notice more and more sounds, intonations, meanings and structures every time. Do not try entirely controlling language acquiring process consciously. Your brain is doing immensely more work unconsciously than you can imagine. Relax and keep getting input.

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#7/8 Khrushchev-slums (Culture and history of Russia in simple Russian)

#7/8 Khrushchev-slums (Culture and history of Russia in simple Russian)

Comprehensible Russian
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